Paint the


For $10 you can reserve the right to ‘paint’ the SSMS ROCK! No more worries that someone will get there before you or that your fresh paint may get painted over!

Guidelines *Date reservations must be made by emailing a request to or complete this form "Rock Reservation"

Your reservation is for 5pm on the day before your reserved date and it will run until 5 pm the day of your reservation.

*In the event of rain, monies will not be refunded or transferred to a different just becomes a donation to the PTO.

*Reservations are on a first come first served basis.

*Once making your email request, please send your $10 for each day you request to the front office of the school in an envelope clearly marked ROCK Reservation and should include your name and date of request (printing a copy of your email would be great) within 5 school days. If money is not received within those 5 school days, your date reservation will be released to open that date. Your reservation is not final until your money has been received. All reservations must be paid at least 3 days prior to your reservation.

*This is a fun way to help support the PTO but remember, it is first come, first serve. So don’t delay, send your request via email followed by your money to get your reservation on the calendar. "Rock Reservation Form"

*Please do not call the school, send texts or leave phone messages, only email requests sent to will be honored. If you have questions, please also send email to pto address.

LIGHT paint colors only please. Spray paint is too thin and will not cover well, please use gallon paint and use a roller.